Super Bowl tickets from a pair of dice? Sales exec aims to trade up

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Is it possible to take a common pair of blue dice, randomly sitting on a man's coffee table, and turn them into a pair of Super Bowl tickets? We're about to find out.

Sam Annable, who works as a sales executive for a minor-league baseball team, has launched a campaign to trade up from a pair of dice, again and again, until he has Super Bowl tickets. He then plans to give those tickets to a sick child who has yet to be chosen.

If the plan sounds familiar, it's because Annable was inspired by One Red Paperclip, the story of a guy who turned an oversized red paperclip into a house through a series of trades. His first trade was for a giant fish pen.

Annable's already ahead of the curve, as he's flipped the dice for an Alex Rodriguez rookie card, which he then flipped for a baseball glove made for Ike Davis of the New York Mets.

From, here's what Annable said about his motivation and methods:

"I got to thinking about how dice represent chance, risk," Annable said. "And I thought about how these really sick children deal with odds, face risk every time they go through surgeries or treatments.

"I decided I wanted to dedicate a project to send one of them to the Super Bowl."

It's a wonderful notion, but he's got a long way to go. The Ike Davis glove is valued at $300 - $400. Last year, the average Super Bowl ticket was in the neighborhood of $4,000. He's got time, though, and he'll probably get a lot of help from the kindness of strangers.

If you'd like to follow the process, or maybe help orchestrate a trade, you can do so at, and follow along on Twitter at @twobluedice. These dice are going to pay off. My bet is that this ends up even going beyond a pair of Super Bowl tickets.

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