Super Bowl on a Saturday? Bad weather in New Jersey next year could make it so

Kevin Kaduk
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Those of you pining for a Super Bowl Saturday may finally be in luck. According to a report in Sports Business Daily, the NFL is putting together a contingency plan for Super Bowl XLVIII should inclement weather hit Metlife Stadium and the New York/New Jersey area.

The plan reportedly includes moving the game to Saturday, which would be great for those of us at home who need a day to recover from our food and drink but awful for fans traveling to and from the site with set plane reservations.

It also includes delaying the first Super Bowl played in a cold-weather climate outdoors until later in the week, which would be terrible for us all.

From Sports Business Daily:

It is not a typical snowstorm that concerns the league but rather a weather crisis like a nor’easter, something that is capable of shutting down the city.

“We have to look at all the angles: storm arriving day-of-game, storm arriving prior to game, storm arriving after game,” one source said.

The guess here is that it'd take something on the level of Nemo or Hurricane Sandy to get the NFL to even consider moving the game. If you watched the great behind-the-scenes Super Bowl segment on Showtime's 60 Minutes Sports, you know that the Super Bowl is such a large thing with so many moving pieces that it'd be almost impossible to bump it off next year's scheduled date of Sunday, February 2.

Still, the NFL has to be ready for anything and it's that reality that's going to bring us an avalanche of stories like "oh no, it's too cold for a halftime show!" for the next year.

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