Super Bowl props, the silly ones: Bet on how many times ‘Harbaugh’ will be said during game

The Super Bowl prop bets in Las Vegas have grown to include just about anything.

And we really mean anything.

Late last week the first wave of bets were released by sports books, and they were fairly normal, mostly having at least something to do with football. The next set were of the atypical variety.

The best of the silly Super Bowl prop bets were sent along by R.J. Bell, the founder of the gambling information site, and he said they are a consensus of many Vegas sports books, including the LVH, William Hill Race & Sports Book and offshore books Bovada and

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So if you've ever wanted to gamble on how many times the broadcasting crew will say "Harbaugh," go to Vegas and live it up. Here's the best of the bunch:

Times “Harbaugh” will be said during game: over/under 21.5
This seems like a clear one to go over, because my word, we've heard that name 16,000 times already this week and it's only Monday. There's plenty of Harbaugh-riffic props other than this one.

Length of postgame handshake/hug between Harbaugh brothers: over/under 7.5 seconds
That's a long hug, even for brothers.

Times Jack Harbaugh shown during game: over/under 2.5
The father of John and Jim Harbaugh will get plenty of air time, don't worry.

How long will it take Alicia Keys to sing National Anthem: over/under 2 minutes, 15 seconds
A quick search for "Alicia Keys national anthem" on YouTube didn't turn up any good research material. It's probably always best to take the over on this anyway. A singer doesn't get an audience of a few hundred million people very often, so she won't be trying to wrap it up in less than 2:15.

Will Alicia Keys be booed? Yes is +500 (bet $100 to win $500)
Who boos the national anthem singer?

Will Alicia Keys mess up the lyrics? Yes is +170
Ah, there you go. Parlay this one with the prop bet above if you're feeling lucky.

Will Jay-Z join Beyonce on stage during halftime show? Yes is +110
Hova ain't passing on a chance like this - yes is an easy play here.

Will Beyonce’s hair be straight, not curly? Yes is +110
Told you they get silly on these.

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Color of Gatorade dumped on winning coach: clear/water: +$200; orange: +$250; yellow: +$250; blue: +$700; green: +$700; red: +$700
If you have a friend who is on the equipment staff of either team, the inside information could pay off huge here. has run the numbers of the last 11 Gatorade baths, and "clear" has cashed a ticket four times, just ahead of orange, yellow and "none" at two each. (For the record, according to the Stock Lemon Blog, the two instances of a coach not getting a Gatorade bath over the last 11 years was New England's Bill Belichick, who avoided it when the Patriots won on last-second field goals ... because you were dying to know, I'm sure.)

And yes, that just about proves it: Not only can you bet just about anything related to the Super Bowl in Las Vegas this week, there will always be someone trying to find some value in those betting lines to beat the house. Harbaugh, Harbaugh, Harbaugh, Harbaugh.

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