Super Bowl proposition bets released, Colin Kaepernick is a popular betting item

San Francisco 49ers fans love Colin Kaepernick. The 49ers media probably likes him a little more after he shipped some pizzas over to the reporters as they worked. University of Nevada-Reno fans love him so much they all were "Kaepernicking" at the Wolf Pack's basketball game this week. And there's another group that loves the young quarterback: Las Vegas sports books.

William Hill Race & Sports Book released their Super Bowl proposition bets on Friday morning. The Super Bowl prop bet has become a part of the lure of the NFL's biggest game in Las Vegas, with sports books there offering hundreds of crazy bets, from game-specific bets to goofy things like the length of the national anthem and what color Gatorade will be dumped on the winning coach. This year, William Hill has more than 400 different Super Bowl bets available, with more to come, and it's going all-in on Kaepernick.

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There are 12 proposition bets related to Kaepernick, a number that could swell to about 30 by game time, and there's a chance Kaepernick could take the most prop betting action of any one player in Super Bowl history. Among the bets are if Kaepernick will have more passing attempts than LeBron James has points against Toronto on Sunday, and if Kaepernick will have more touchdown passes than soccer star Lionel Messi scoring goals against Valencia.

Last week the book offered 10 Kaepernick proposition bets in the NFC championship game and those garnered a lot of interest. Kaepernick's popularity in college in the state of Nevada and the 49ers' proximity to northern Nevada doesn't hurt the betting interest in him.

“There has been an absolute landslide of interest on Kaepernick coming to the forefront,” William Hill director of public relations and longtime Vegas oddsmaker Jimmy Vaccaro said in the book's press release. “We’ll be offering more than 20 props on Kaepernick alone, and I’ll tell you this: Whatever number we wind up with on Kaepernick, it won’t be enough. It’s an outstanding story, and we’ve already seen that people want to put their wagering dollars on him.”

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There's the general array of weird and wacky prop bets for the true degenerates out there who are planning to be in Vegas for the Super Bowl, and here's some of the most interesting offered so far:

Will Alex Smith take a snap from center? (Yes is +500, No is -700)
Smith could get a snap in three logical ways: Kaepernick gets hurt, Kaepernick struggles mightily and gets pulled, or if the 49ers are up big at the end and put in their backups - even for a kneel down on the final play. For 5-to-1 odds, that seems like a good risk (that's what +500 indicates, that a $100 bet wins $500 if Smith gets a snap. The -700 means if Smith doesn't play, a $700 bet wins $100). This one is extra fun because it won the company's pick-a-prop contest, when a fan suggested it on Twitter.

Will the team with more penalty yards win the game? (Yes is +120, No is -140)
It seems counter-intuitive to take "yes," but having a lot of penalty yards doesn't mean you can't win. Baltimore had the second-most penalties in the NFL in the regular season, San Francisco was tied for seventh most, and those two teams turned out OK.

Will Colin Kaepernick have 100 rushing yards AND 300 passing yards? (Yes is +1000, No is -1500)
There's no way Kaepernick does that against this Baltimore defense. But, if you really believe in him, here's a chance to cash in with those 10-to-1 odds.

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What will the jersey number be of the player who scores the first touchdown? 1-10: +600; 11-20: +550; 21-30: +110; 31-79: +1500; 80-99: +200; No Touchdown: +10000
All right, this is a fun one. The 31-79 range looks interesting but it's basically picking Delanie Walker or a defensive player to score. A lot of interesting receivers from 80-99 though. And no touchdown at 100-to-1 odds with these two defenses? It's not impossible.

Will Aldon Smith record a sack? (Yes is +110, No is -130)
Smith had 19.5 sacks during the regular season, but none in San Francisco's last five games. Want to take a chance he'll break out in the Super Bowl? The odds are in your favor.

Baltimore's Vonta Leach combined rushing and receiving yards, over/under 12.5
Just because it's always fun to root for a fullback to get the ball in the biggest game of the season.

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