A Super Bowl in Philadelphia? Eagles owner will push for it if NYC is a success

See if you can spot the climate outlier in this group of cities:

Miami. San Diego. Phoenix. New Orleans. Philadelphia.

Yep, the City of Brotherly Love — or at least Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie — is angling for a Super Bowl, provided that the upcoming festivities in New York City go well. Speaking at the NFL owners' meetings (which, it must be noted, are being held this week in ARIZONA), Lurie indicated that he'd be all over a Super Bowl in Philly:

"Growing up in Boston, I went to more great games in snow conditions," he said. "Some of the most memorable games I've ever been to were very difficult and wonderful conditions. I would have no fear of it snowing. As long as there's no public safety issue that day, I think it would be great if it's snowing a bit."

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And that's wonderful for you, Mr. Lurie. But most of the people associated with the Super Bowl, from media to sponsors to assorted wealthy types who figure out how to get tickets to the game, have absolutely zero interest in a weather-affected Super Bowl. Plus, you thought this year's power outage was bad? How do you think a few inches of snow — or, at best, the subfreezing weather that is the average in Philly in February — would go over? (Of note: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has also made a pitch for a Super Bowl. Cold weather be damned!) So, yes, it's a nice idea ... but Philadelphia has a fight so uphill it's vertical.

Still, no matter how fruitless the cause, we've got to admire Lurie for his dedication to his city. Hey, if he can't get the Eagles to the mountain, he'll try to bring the mountain to Philadelphia. Probably a lot easier that way.

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