Sunday's five most valuable players: Plenty to choose from

1. Drew Brees(notes), Quarterback, New Orleans Saints. We had a bucket full of offensive explosions yesterday, but none more impressive or meaningful than Drew Brees's 369 yards and four touchdowns against the Giants. The G-Men had, statistically, before yesterday, the best pass defense in the league, and Brees came in and mowed through them like they were a random collection of slobs. Brees is a beast, his Saints are the team to beat in the NFL and when they're as sharp as they were yesterday, I don't know that they can be stopped.

2. Richard Seymour(notes), Defensive End, Oakland Raiders. Seymour accepts the award on behalf of the Raiders' entire defensive line, Trevor Scott(notes) in particular. Seymour and Scott had two sacks each and spent their entire Sunday in Donovan McNabb's(notes) personal space. Now, it's only fair to mention that Eagles tackle Jason Peters(notes) left the game in the first half, and that led to some of this, but domination is domination, I don't care who's on the field.

3. Tom Brady(notes), Quarterback, New England Patriots. Now that's more like it, Tom. Brady threw for 380 yards yesterday, which was only 387 yards more than his counterpart, Kerry Collins(notes). Oh, and Brady did that in just a little bit more than one half of football. Not at all shabby.

4. Maurice Jones-Drew(notes), Running Back, Jacksonville Jaguars. When you call out your coaches mid-week and demand the football more, you better respond when you actually get it. Jones-Drew did. The Jags handed it to him 33 times yesterday, and Jones-Drew responded by picking up 133 yards and three touchdowns. He added five receptions for 45 yards on top of that.

5. Ryan Succop(notes), Kicker, Kansas City Chiefs. Settling for a ton of field goals is usually a good way to lose a game, except when you're playing the Redskins. The rookie kicker, and the last fellow selected in the NFL draft, went 4-of-4 yesterday. And then Tamba Hali(notes) sacked Todd Collins(notes) for an extra two points, making it 14 on the scoreboard for the Chiefs, so anyone who just briefly glances at the scoreboard thinks they scored two touchdowns! Yay!

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