Sunday's five least valuable players: Welcome, Mr. Sanchez

1. Mark Sanchez(notes), Quarterback, New York Jets. Being a rookie quarterback has to be a lot like playing "Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!" for the first time. You open up the game, and everything's fun and easy, and you're thinking, "Hey, I'll slap Glass Joe around all day long!" You feel pretty good about yourself. Then Von Kaiser and Piston Honda aren't so bad, but then Don Flamenco starts doing some wild stuff, and you think, "Alright, I'm going to have to take a second and figure this out." Eventually, I'm sure that Mark Sanchez will be fighting Mike Tyson for the title, but right now, he's trying to figure out Don Flamenco. He threw five picks yesterday and wasted a 210-yard game from Thomas Jones(notes).

2. Matt Forte(notes), Running Back, Chicago Bears. Forte carried the ball 15 times last night and gained a total of 23 yards. This came against the Atlanta Falcons, currently ranked 23rd against the run in the NFL, giving up 4.7 yards per carry. Sadly, there's even more bad news for Forte. In the third quarter, at the Atlanta 1-yard-line, he fumbled on consecutive plays, with the Falcons recovering the second one. Not a pretty evening.

3. Jason McCourty(notes) and Ryan Mouton(notes), Cornerbacks, Tennessee Titans. One thing that's getting lost in Tom Brady's(notes) brilliance yesterday is that it came against a UFL-like secondary. Not to take anything away from Brady, but the Titans' two starting corners, as well as their nickel back, were all out Sunday. These two rookies started at corner, and, as you might expect, Randy Moss(notes) and Wes Welker(notes) had their way with them. I'm not saying every NFL quarterback would've thrown down the beating that Brady did yesterday, but most NFL quarterbacks would've beaten them up pretty badly.

4. Every Offensive Player, Seattle Seahawks. Matt Hasselbeck(notes) went 10-for-29 on the day, the Seahawks rushed for 14 yards as a team, and they gave up five sacks. Their best offensive play of the day, and the only way they got into field-goal range, was with a fake punt.

5. Donovan McNabb(notes), Quarterback, Philadelphia Eagles. If Andy Reid is jealous, he can feel free to share this award with McNabb, because there's no way McNabb should've been throwing the ball 46 times against the Raiders. Their run defense was among the worst in the league, and the Eagles came in throwing the ball like it was a backyard 2-on-2 game. The fact that McNabb completed only 22 of the 46, despite Nnamdi Asomugha(notes) missing most of the game, though, is on McNabb.

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