Sunday Combine Scouting Report: WR Mohamed Sanu, Rutgers

(From inside Lucas Oil Stadium, during Sunday's quarterback/receiver drills...)

Sanu measured at 6-2, 215. He's a long-looking athlete with a muscular upper body and slightly skinny legs. He took a while to get up to speed on the 40 (would like to see his 10-yard splits), but showed decent glide when he got there.

On the 13-yard comeback, he had good stride and reached out to grab the ball with his hands, keeping him in bounds. However, he misjudged the 25-yard seam route and came up short. He had great form in the gauntlet -- one of the most impressive receivers on the day. Caught every ball with his hands on the first one (again, good technique -- not a body catcher), kept his body straight on the line, and threw the balls away with ease.

He was even better on the second gauntlet, adjusting to high and low throws. No drops in either drill, and straight-line all the way. He rounded off his route slightly on the short cut slant, but caught the ball. He had a better cut on the 10-yard out-and-up, and adjusted to an overthrow inside to make the catch. He wasn't able to make the catch on the 13-yard dig route due to an overthrow by Russell Wilson.

On the 35-yard seam, he tracked the ball very well, turning his head at the right time and making an over-the-shoulder catch. He had a good cut and catch on the t13-yard inside dig, and he made okay cuts on the deep post corner, adjusting to an underthrown pass at the end.

I like Sanu as a reliable, though not exceptionally quick, receiver who can make gains in possession concepts, and I think he reinforced his grasp of the fundamentals during his combine workout.