Suddenly, I'm not as happy about the Saints beating the Colts

The parade for the world champion New Orleans Saints starts a few hours from now, outside of the Superdome. Up to 200,000 people are expected to be there, and when that many revelers gather in New Orleans, you expect certain New Orleans traditions to be upheld, right?

Not so, this time around. New Orleans police are ordering the women of New Orleans to keep their New Orleans traditions covered. The parade's going to be televised, both locally and online, and apparently, some city officials see this as a reason to keep things G-rated. TMZ reports that 600 police will be there issuing tickets or sending people to jail if they're exposing their, um, upper bodies in exchange for beads.

I see this as an affront to liberty. Telling the women of New Orleans to keep themselves covered is like telling the men of the Jersey Shore that hair should not be spiked, and skin should not be tanned. It's like telling the people of Philadelphia that they need to be demure and polite in the presence of rival sports teams.

Cities, like people, have to be themselves, and this is a time to celebrate and embrace freedom. I think it's our duty as Americans to let the ladies at the parade show their appreciation in that special New Orleans way.

I am still happy for the people of New Orleans, of course, but I didn't expect that their glorious Super Bowl triumph would come at the expense of our treasured personal freedoms. If you'd still like to watch the festivities, you can do so by clicking right here, starting at 5 p.m. New Orleans time.