Suddenly, Johnny Manziel isn't the biggest star in Cleveland anymore




Johnny Manziel and LeBron James in the same city? Who would have thought this: Cleveland is now the most interesting place in the sports world. 

Manziel and James have been friends for a while, since Manziel was a Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback at Texas A&M and James was with the Miami Heat. Earlier this year, Manziel hired James' longtime friend Maverick Carter to handle some promotional deals for him. When Manziel was drafted by the Browns, James was seen wearing Manziel's Cleveland jersey. And now James is going back to Cleveland. He announced on Friday he'll sign with the Cavaliers.

Just wait for this fall, when we are likely to see plenty of shots of Manziel sitting courtside at Cavs games and James on the sideline for Browns games.

In a roundabout way, that might help Manziel a little bit.

Manziel is no longer the biggest sports story in Cleveland, not by a long shot. Let's not say he can fly under the radar now, because the Browns will always be the biggest show there and a player like Manziel is always going to be a huge talking point. But once the NBA season starts, the fishbowl will get a little bigger and James will be the big fish everyone wants to look at.

For Manziel, who is already bristling at the non-stop attention, that can't be a bad thing .He's unlikely to tone down his attention-grabbing ways  and just wait to see the reaction when he shows up at Cavs games  but not being the sole focus of Cleveland fans might lessen the pressure on a young player like Manziel. If the Browns and/or Manziel are struggling in November and December, Cleveland fans can happily move on to the biggest sports story in town.

So Manziel could be the most talked-about story in the NFL this season, but might not even be the biggest sports story in his city anymore. Isn't that funny.

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