Student has diploma withheld after Tebowing at graduation

Chris Chase
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A 17-year-old in Florida had his diploma withheld after he celebrated his high school graduation by Tebowing on stage.

Chuck Shriner was disciplined for the move, not because it was slightly less timely than doing the Running Man, but because his mother, a teacher at the school, felt it would set a precedent for underclassmen. According to Chuck, she disciplined him by keeping his diploma and making him clean the gym.

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"She was really mad," he told Naples Daily News. "But I think it was worth it."

Chuck told the newspaper his friends bribed him $5 to take a knee in front of the school's principal. I'm sure the building service workers at that place are kicking themselves for not thinking of a similar offer years ago. Some kid big-times the principal and they get out of cleaning the gym?

Since there wasn't much information on Chuck, I'm going to assume he performed terribly in the first three quarters of the school year before slightly rebounding in the fourth. And let's go a step further: The administration banning Tebowing sets a dangerous precedent. When they say "don't be like Tebow," they tacitly endorse underage drinking and virginity-losing. At least that's the way I read it.

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