Steve Weatherford helps a couple of Giants fans get engaged

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The Giants call on Steve Weatherford when they decide to punt. A Giants fan named Bryan Wheeler called on Weatherford when he decided to go for it.

And by "go for it," I mean that he decided to propose to his girlfriend. He did it at Giants training camp, with some help from Weatherford. As Weatherford walked off the field, he handed Wheeler a football, which looked to everyone else like a friendly training camp souvenir. When Bryan showed the ball to his girlfriend Jacklene, though, it had a special message: "Jacklene, Will You Marry Me? Love, Bryan."

Jacklene said yes, and these two crazy kids will be tying the knot. Weatherford explained how it all went down, via

"I think he contacted our community relations people and requested that the craziest guy on the team help him out," Weatherford said. "I don't think he had to look too far down the roster … Obviously whenever you get to do something like that, it's flattering because it makes you realize how important you are to a lot of people. The guy hopefully, cross your fingers, is only going to get married once, and I was the one to help him get engaged."

Weatherford is becoming the NFL's Wedding Whisperer. He wears his wedding ring on the field, which is very rare, even for the players at positions that don't see a lot of contact. He explained, via the New York Post:

"When I work out in the offseason I always wear my ring, so it's really just a comfort thing,'' Weatherford explained. "I feel awkward without it on and, yes, I really love my wife."

And now he's helping someone else get a ring on their finger. Steve Weatherford. He drops punts inside the 20-yard line ‒ he did it 25 times in 2012, against just six touchbacks ‒ and he drops love into people's hearts. Punters are the NFL's sweethearts.

Gracias, Larry Brown Sports.

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