Steelers WR Emmanuel Sanders trashes his own turf

Shutdown Corner

We're not yet at the point where frowny-face emoticons are acceptable in headlines, but if we were, I'd be using one for this story.

Emmanuel Sanders, the fine young receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers, is (was) an anti-littering hero, lending his name and voice to Pittsburgh's "Don't Trash My Turf" anti-littering campaign. Watch:

And I pass along to you with a heavy sigh the news that Sanders pleaded guilty on Monday to littering in Pittsburgh. Why must our heroes always betray us? What's next? We learn that Drew Brees blew up the levees himself?

Sanders pled guilty specifically to placing his garbage beside a private dumpster. He's been fined $300 and court costs. The offseason NFL crime spree continues.

Gracias, Deadspin.

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