Steelers elect to keep mud playing surface

I like grass. It is soft and pretty. When I played two-on-two tackle football as a child, grass was almost always our playing surface of choice, and I wholeheartedly agreed with Steppenwolf when they urged Sam not to step on it.

That said, though, there's are some circumstances where grass probably isn't the best choice. When you've got an NFL team, a college team, and local high school teams sharing the same field, and they can play a total of five games in 30 hours on that field, and they do so in nasty northeastern weather conditions ... that's probably one of those situations.

But the Steelers have decided to keep their grass surface, even after it nearly forced them into a scoreless tie with the sad-sack Dolphins. The Dolphins showed up that night, looked at the field and said, "Look at this! No one can move! We've got a shot at a scoreless tie! WE COULD TIE!"

The surface was an embarrassment to the Steelers, the league, and the game of football. It was like green quicksand.

I really thought the league would step in and mandate the installation of an artificial surface. As it turns out, they should have. They left it in the hands of the Steelers, though, and the players convinced the front office to keep the grass.

And I understand that. It's the softest possible surface, it's the least likely to kill your knees, and if it was me, I'd probably want to play on grass, too. But when you've got a situation where a field is shared by so many teams and the weather is often so nasty, insisting on grass is unreasonable. My guess is that if the grass produces another eyesore like that Steelers/Dolphins game, the league will make sure it's the last one.

• Steelers staying with grass at Heinz Field / Yahoo! Sports

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