Steelers could have Mike Wallace on the field for their first game

Shutdown Corner

Mike Wallace's holdout lasted over a month, but could end up costing him zero actual playing time. Comments from Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley indicate that it's possible that Wallace will be on the field for the Steelers' Week 1 game against the Denver Broncos. Via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

"You're talking about a guy who's a wide receiver, a pass-catcher," Haley said. "It's not a running back or someone who has to be in the action of the game. I think it's feasible he's ready to go when we start this thing up."

It is feasible, but keep in mind that the Steelers haven't even seen Wallace in practice yet. He did show up and sign his tender, but NFL rules say he still can't practice for three days after that. That leaves an awfully short amount of time to get ready for the Broncos, especially in a brand new offense.

Ultimately, a lot of this will depend on how well Wallace has stayed in shape while away from the team. Like Haley said, Wallace is a receiver, so it makes things less complicated. They can put him on the field and let him know what route to run, and he can go do it. He may not be at 100 percent of his capabilities, and he might not be an every down player, but he could contribute.

In a way, it's an advantage for the Steelers. The Broncos won't know what to prepare for. That was true anyway with the new Todd Haley offense, of which we've seen only a preseason version. Add Wallace into the mix, and Denver has to worry about a whole other skill set that can transform the offense even more.


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