Steelers coordinator Todd Haley sued for allegedly backing out of million-dollar house deal and trashing the residence

Anwar S Richardson
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Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley has been accused of being a poor play-caller who does not know how to utilize his talent. Haley is now being accused of backing out of a million-dollar house deal, and then trashing the home.

Williamson and Jefferson Inc., a home builder, filed a civil suit against Haley and his wife, Christine, alleging they owes the company for removing appliances and fixtures the home, according to Target 11. The Haley’s allegedly left the property in “disarray and … unmarketable for sale,” after they were kicked out of the home this past August.

According to Target 11, the Haleys rented this home for $6,000 per month and agreed to purchase it after their house in Kansas (where he previously coached) was sold. However, the builder alleges that the Haley’s home sold in March, and despite asking for an extension, they were told to evacuate the property.

Here is a portion of Target 11’s report:

According to an email included in the lawsuit filing, Christine Haley claimed that the buyers of their home in Kansas claimed the home was infested with spiders and that they wanted a full refund. Haley said in the email that it was not infested when she lived in the home.

The local builder refused the extension request and ordered the Haleys out in August of this year. That's when, according to the lawsuit, the builder found the home stripped of fixtures, appliances and plants, shrubs and landscaping.

Haley's attorney, James McLean said, “The items removed from the house were all appliances and improvements the Haleys had paid for and installed when the work was not done by the builder, and the removal was done by professional contractors. The builder has also refused to return a $62,000 deposit owed to the Haleys.”

Williamson and Jefferson Inc. is seeking money to cover their losses, and both sides have reportedly agreed to dispute this case in mediation. If the lawsuit is not resolved in mediation, Haley's attorney said the family would file a countersuit against the builder.

The home does not appear trashed by the photos on Target 11, but the apparent lack of a written contract leaves room a lot of ambiguity in this case. Both sides believe they are victims, and the legal system will ultimately decide who has the better case.

However, if Haley cannot find a way to get production out of this 0-4 offense, he may have to find another place to live after this season.

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