Steelers, Colts, Hines Ward nominated for UN peace awards

As I watched the Steelers and Ravens beat each other senseless for three hours on Sunday night, never once did the word "peaceful" enter my mind. But seeing the Steelers does make some people think of peace.

The Steelers organization was nominated by the Salvation Army and Make-A-Wish Foundation, and Hines Ward(notes) was nominated by Pearl S. Buck International, for United Nations NGO Positive Peace Awards. The Indianapolis Colts were also nominated by the United Way.

What's the award all about? Tell 'em,

During the year, Celebrate Positive will feature nominees for the 1st Annual United Nations NGO Positive Peace Awards who exemplify and demonstrate the word "positive." The United Nations Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) will honor the World’s Most Positive businesses, schools, communities, sports teams, athletes, coaches, and entertainers. Every nominee will be judged on an extensive list of criteria in order to be eligible for a Positive Peace Award.

And here's more on Hines Ward's nomination, via Kevin Gorman at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

"Hines Ward changed the cultural landscape of Korea," said Janet Mintzer, president and CEO of Pearl S. Buck International, said in a statement. "After Japanese invasions, Korea placed high value on being pure-blooded Koreans, creating prejudice of biracial people. As a successful biracial Korean-American, he returned to Korea, creating media attention which sparked a cultural shift."

That's wonderful work, and I'm thrilled that Ward uses his influence and passion to make a positive difference in the world. Other professional athletes nominated include Dikembe Mutombo, Doug Herbert, Tamika Catchings, Ernie Els and Michael Young.

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