Steelers broadcaster says Troy Polamalu will someday be in the Hall of Fame in … Akron?

Canton is a significant place in the history of football. The NFL was founded at a Canton car dealership. The Pro Football Hall of Fame is in Canton. It's a bucket list destination for all hardcore football fans.

Akron is a really nice place. LeBron James and Thurman Munson were born in Akron. The Pro Football Hall of Fame, however, is not there.

That's why it was a bit of a surprise to hear Steelers color commentator Edmund Nelson say he couldn't wait to see safety Troy Polamalu enshrined in Akron some day. Come again?

The humorous slip-up came after the Steelers got a fourth-down stop against the Chiefs in the first quarter of Saturday night's preseason game.

"Unbelievable football player, will be hard to ever replace a guy like Troy Polamalu," Nelson said on the broadcast. "We expect to see him one day up in Akron, going into the Hall of Fame."

It was a funny blooper. We all make innocent mistakes, but not all of us do so on live television with folks on Twitter waiting to point them out:

Hey, maybe Polamalu could stop by Akron on his inevitable trip to Canton. It's not too far out of the way.

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