Steelers again wear throwback uniforms that should be thrown back into the closet

Anwar S Richardson

Just when you thought nothing could uglier than Zubaz pants, the Pittsburgh Steelers brought back their throwback uniforms.

Pittsburgh’s players were clothed in uniforms to honor their 1934 team against the Detroit Lions on Sunday. The team wore these same throwbacks in 2012 to celebrate their 80th season in the NFL. Vintage clothing is often stylish. But these uniforms, which are a combination of "Where’s Waldo?" meets Dr. Seuss in a paint store, definitely rank high on the hideous scorecard.

However, the players seem to be warming up to them:

“It’s a change up,” offensive tackle Marcus Gilbert told this week. "Wearing jerseys like this is meaningful. It represents the past and great history of the Steelers organization. We will wear it with pride. We will wear it with swag.”

Are these the worst of the NFL throwbacks? Judge for yourself:

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