St. Louis Rams offering Fisher ‘Stache with discounted tickets

Maggie Hendricks
Shutdown Corner

The St. Louis Rams have new hope under a new coach this season, and they want to remind their fans of that coach with a promotion honoring Jeff Fisher's remarkable mustache.

Rams fans can buy discounted tickets to their home opener against the Washington Redskins using the code STACHE. Upon arrival to the stadium, fans will get a Fisher 'stache of their very own.

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Shutdown Corner recently received a couple of fake 'staches from the Rams, with the following important information about the benefits of the now-legendary prop:

-- Firing up the St. Louis Rams team and fans with a single application;

-- Enhanced ability to read opponent offensive and defensive formations and strategies;

-- Magnetic attraction to toasted ravioli and frozen custard;

-- Savoring the flavor of Rams victory twice as long as ordinary facial hair;

-- Heightened coolness factor when paired with sunglasses.

Hear that, Rams fans working on lip fur? You don't have to smear Rogaine on your upper lip. Along with the ticket to the game, this majestic mustache can be all yours.

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The only catch is you have to go to a Rams game. If you're willing to sit through that, you've earned your 'stache.

Thanks, USA Today.

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