The St. Louis Rams are crazy for the Smack-Cam

It's getting ugly at St. Louis Rams camp. The team has embraced the smack-cam, which, for those of you old enough remember when the Rams were in Los Angeles, is one of those wacky new social-media trends where the youngsters film each other getting hit in the face with whatever's handy. It's stupid and proof positive that our society is going straight to hell ... and it's also hysterical. As you can see above, Rams DE Chris Long takes a shaving cream pie to the face from cornerback Cortland Finnegan, who blindsided Long like he was a brickfooted quarterback.

Oh, but that's only a bit of the smack-cam craziness going around Ramsland. Check out some of the other Vines, via FTW, that these guys have created. Gosh, this looks a little dangerous:

The Rams play the Seahawks on Monday Night Football on Oct. 28; if this trend hasn't died of old age by then, we expect to see it during somebody's postgame interview. And hey, wouldn't it be great if the Rams made this a promotion at home ga- no, wait, no it wouldn't. Forget we said anything. Don't try this at home, friends, and especially not against gargantuan professional football players. You do not have Cortland Finnegan's speed to escape punishment.

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