Spurned Dolphins feel ‘used’ by Jeff Fisher

In assessing the Jeff Fisher situation Thursday, I described it like this: Jeff Fisher was the belle of the ball, and suitors were lined up throwing chocolates, flowers and love poems his way.

On Friday, he chose the Rams. And, as has happened about 294,234 bajillion other times in history, the suitor who wasn't chosen now feels used; as if someone had stomped on his passion-filled heart. CBS's Mike Freeman tweeted this:

Dolphins source to me: "Jeff Fisher used us." Here we go!

I'm sorry, what was that, Dolphins? Because all I heard was "Waaaaaaaaaah."

That's just how this business works. Jeff Fisher had two teams fighting for his services, and if he happened to use one team to squeeze a better offer out of another team, then that's how it goes.

What, the Dolphins organization is above using any sort of leverage like that? Business is leverage. If a free agent has two teams bidding on his services, he can use that to his advantage. If the Dolphins want to sign a player who they know has no one else bidding for his services, they can use that as leverage, too. That is, as they say, how the cookie crumbles.

And, just so it's noted, a couple of pretty reputable sources of NFL information say that Fisher's interest in the Dolphins wasn't just for leverage. Jay Glazer said Thursday that Fisher was "truly torn" on the decision, and Adam Schefter said that Fisher's interest in the Dolphins was "100 percent not a leverage play." So there's that.

Suck it up, Dolphins. You were rejected. I'm sure all male members of that front office are familiar with the feeling. There are plenty of fish in that coaching sea, boys.

Gracias, PFT.

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