Spencer Lanning makes his play for starting quarterback job on fake field-goal touchdown pass

Shutdown Corner

Poor Brandon Weeden. Dude busts his thumb, and the Cleveland Browns empty the playbook the moment he's out of the lineup.

Up 17-14 at the Minnesota Vikings, fueled by a strong first half by replacement quarterback Brian Hoyer, the Browns pull a fast one and fake the field goal, with Jordan Cameron apparently roasting marshmallows on the right sideline with no Vikings bothering to cover him.

The author of the pass was Spencer Lanning (who?), a first-year punter and holder with 13 NFL punts (and zero passes) to his name entering today. Take that, Weeden Vikings. Maybe Lanning will be the QB3 next week.

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Maybe it really is time for some new blood in Cleveland. We just didn't think that blood belonged to the firm of Hoyer & Lanning.

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