‘Sound FX’ gives some great insight into Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant’s sideline demeanor

One of the great things about NFL Films wiring players for sound is we get insight that we don't usually get.

Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant has a reputation. He came into the NFL with a lot of baggage, but in the past couple years he has matured into one of the best players in the league. Still, when he is seen yelling on the sideline, or walking to the locker room early from Dallas' loss to the Packers, and the old questions pop up.

That's why it was so interesting to hear Bryant on the sideline of the loss to the Packers.

What's most striking about this week's "Sound FX" video with Bryant is how upbeat he is, whether firing up the offense to keep up the intensity, complimenting running back DeMarco Murray on how well he has been running, or being there when the defense comes off the field to offer an encouraging word. He also keeps it loose with a bit on how bad things happen to the other team when he stands up, rather than sits down on the bench. One would assume from the video, which is of course heavily edited down to highlights, that Bryant has turned into one of the team's leaders.

It doesn't excuse him leaving for the locker room with more than a minute to go and the Packers killing the clock at the end of an improbable comeback win (Bryant leaving the bench is on the "Sound FX" video, and he said this week he was wrong to do so), but overall the episode is an interesting look at one of the more intriguing players in the NFL.

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