Sorry, ladies: TMZ reports Tim Tebow now has a girlfriend

Jay Busbee
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Fair warning: This post is SO not about football. If you continue past this point, you are entering a football-free zone, and you will be on your own. You've been warned.

Big news from the celebrity circuit, as TMZ is reporting that Tim Tebow, the most famous theoretical quarterback in the world, now has a girlfriend.

We will note in the strongest possible terms that this is UNCONFIRMED, for those of you concerned with such things. But this, according to TMZ, is the deal: "Tim and Camilla Belle showed up at Latitude 30 in Jacksonville, Florida Tuesday night, where they bowled and partied ... People who were at Latitude 30 last night tell us Tim and Camilla were overly affectionate throughout the evening, holding hands and touching."

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Well. There you go. Tebow has been linked in tabloid pages with everyone from Taylor Swift to Lolo Jones. But this is the first time the tabloids are willing to say that Tebow has himself a ladyfriend. According to IMDB, her acting credits include roles in "10,000 B.C." and "The Chumscrubber." (Were YOU in "The Chumscrubber"? No? Then don't laugh.) For her part, Belle has been linked to Robert Pattinson and Joe Jonas, and according to The Hollywood Gossip is the woman for whom Joe left Taylor Swift. So apparently we've got Ms. Belle to blame for three albums' worth of vengeful breakup songs from Ms. Swift.

Anyway, long as she doesn't decide to swap him out for Mark Sanchez, all should be right in Tebow's world. And now, we return you to your regularly scheduled football programming.

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