Sorry, ladies, J.J. Watt isn’t coming to your prom

Shutdown Corner

People. STOP ASKING CELEBRITIES TO GO TO YOUR PROM. Sure, a couple of them went and it was a goof, but now they're having to draw the line.

Houston's J.J. Watt has posted the message at right on his Facebook page. Back off, ladies; there's only so much J.J. to go around, and he can't be spending all his offseason squiring you around in a rented tux.

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You know, Watt has no one to blame but himself for this mess. After all, if he weren't such a good guy, proposing to a 6-year-old and showing up at the home of a newlywed who's a huge fan, people wouldn't be interested in having him as a date. Shame on you, J.J., for actually being a decent human being and using your celebrity to make people happier.

Of course, you know how all the would-be Watt dates are reading "I cannot take you all," right? So you're saying there's a chance!

[Via Reddit]

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