Sore loser Bully Ray spits beer in the face of Brandon Jacobs

Shutdown Corner

New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs was at ringside on Thursday night to watch his good friend Cowboy James Storm wrestle Bully Ray at TNA Impact Wrestling. To everyone's great surprise, Jacobs was not able to just sit there, peacefully enjoy the event and go on home.

Bully Ray is just the kind of jerk that wouldn't let that happen. Jacobs just wanted to support his friend, and I see no reason why I shouldn't believe that Brandon Jacobs and James Storm have been close friends for years. Storm won his match, and afterwards, he chose to celebrate by sharing a beer at ringside with his pal Jacobs (the NFL, for reasons I don't understand, makes players leave the playing field before they crack open their beers).

The lifelong pals were enjoying their cold ones (after one was poured on a woman's face for no reason whatsoever), when Bully Ray, sore loser that he is, got back up in Storm's face. And then, the nerve of that guy, he got in Brandon Jacobs' face, too. That's when things got real.

But that wasn't it.

Backstage, TNA cameras caught up with Jacobs and Storm and got these comments.

I'm not sure that a shove to the chest is the best way to try and break every bone in a man's body, but Jacobs has the fighting wisdom of James Storm in his corner, so who am I to question it? At any rate, payback is coming for Bully Ray, so I just hope that Jacobs waits until next Thursday night when the cameras are on to get his pound of flesh.

I'm a little disturbed, though, that Storm needed to leave and go get some more beers so quickly. I think he may be an alcoholic.

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