Son surprises dad with tickets to attend his first ever Cincinnati Bengals game (Video)

You'd think a lifelong Cincinnati Bengals fan getting a signed Andy Dalton jersey would be the highlight of his day.

But this son made Sunday a truly unforgettable experience for his dad.

The video above (warning: the full video from YouTube has a swear word, if your work frowns upon such things) was posted on YouTube by a son whose father had never seen his favorite team, the Cincinnati Bengals, play in person. He wanted to change that.

After giving his dad a Bengals hat, and the Dalton jersey, he springs the big surprise: Game tickets, plane tickets and a hotel room to see the Bengals play the Jets on Oct. 27. His family (it says at the end of the video they're from Connecticut) worked on the surprise, making sure he had the Monday after the game off. The father, touched by the gesture, breaks down in tears. The best moment comes at about 4:20 into the video, when he tells his son he's never even held Bengals tickets before.

Isn't a story like this why we love the NFL?

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H/T to Deadspin for the story.

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