Somebody named a racehorse ‘Tebowing’

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

A filly sired by 2000 Kentucky Derby winner Fusaichi Pegasus will run with the most heavenly name this side of Gabriel and Michael. "Tebowing," they'll call her.

After the horse's original moniker was denied by the Jockey Club for sounding too much like another's, the founders of a thoroughbred racing team called Little Red Feather decided to name the young horse after Tim Tebow's oft-imitated pose.

"Our response has been polarizing," founder Larry Koch told Larry Brown Sports. "A bunch of people want to go in, and a bunch of people said they would never go in on that."

He must be referring to Jake Plummer.

"My whole goal is to get people into horse racing," he continued. "If naming the horse 'Tebowing' gets people into racing, it's worth it."

John Elway, who knows something about horses, is already said to be discounting Tebowing's chances and will be looking toward another thoroughbred to run his way into the winner's circle.

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