Snoop Dogg supports an immediate contract for Mike Wallace

Pittsburgh Steelers training camp is open, and Mike Wallace did not show up, via tractor or anything else. He's a restricted free agent, and hasn't gotten the contract offer he'd like from the Steelers, so he's staying home.

Many Steelers fans are concerned about this. Among them is Snoop Dogg, and he shared his message with the Rooney family on the NFL Network on Thursday. The part relating to Mike Wallace is toward the end of the video.

If you can't watch the video, here's Snoop addressing "Rooney" (Art Rooney II, presumably, but I guess when you go by "Snoop," you've long since lost any concern for anyone else's name).

"Hey, Rooney, man. Get y'all thing together. Pay the man. Look, I know he ain't proven, you know, three, four years in the game, but we need him, man. I mean, you tell me somebody else that's gonna do what he do. We need him, man. Get it together. Y'all go 'head and have that conversation, you know, get the apples and oranges together so we can move on."

Apples. Oranges. Together, Rooney.  Apparently, fruit salad can solve this whole thing.

I can't say Snoop is wrong, though. The Steelers do need him. True, maybe he doesn't have the track record of success that you'd like to see before giving out $25 million-$30 million in guaranteed money, but he's proven more than Antonio Brown or Emmanuel Sanders, who would be the Steelers' top two receivers in his absence. "Need" is not an exaggeration here.

With Todd Haley as new offensive coordinator, time would seem to be of the essence, too. Everyone's got new things to learn. The longer it drags on, the worse shape everyone's in — the Steelers and Wallace both. Both sides appear to be pretty dug in, though.