'The Situation' says he's in a Super Bowl ad with Peyton Manning

Normally, I'd believe any sentence that starts with the words, "Peyton Manning is doing a commercial ...", but I've got my doubts about this one. Jersey Shore's "The Situation" claims he's on his way to Miami to shoot a Super Bowl ad with Peyton Manning.

The claim comes via his Twitter page, where it seems that The Situation has a very sticky shift key (what's causing that stick, I don't want to know). He says he's in Los Angeles doing the Leno show and then the Ellen show, and then he's "off to MIami to shoot commercial w Peyton MAnning for SUperbowl."

As honest and trustworthy as I find The Situation, I just can't believe that this is true. I'm pretty sure Peyton Manning(notes) is preoccupied with preparing for a football game this week, and I just can't believe he'd be taking time out of his schedule right now to hang with The Situation.

That they'd be doing a commercial together, I could believe. That they're shooting it during Super Bowl week, I do not.

What might those two be selling? Some kind of self-tanning lotion makes sense, as The Situation is an expert on such things, and Manning's pasty complexion could use a dash of color. Self-tanning lotion companies seem more likely to advertise on benches at the boardwalk than during the Super Bowl, though.

Maybe I'm wrong, though. Maybe during the game on Sunday, we'll see Peyton and Sitch pushing some kind of product, and like so many others, I'll feel silly for ever having doubted The Situation.

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