Significant rain and wind in Seattle another chapter of this poor-weather postseason

SEATTLE – It's pretty fitting that the big story of the two (maybe three?) rounds that lead into the first cold-weather outdoor Super Bowl is the weather.

Last week, Green Bay played a modern version of the "Ice Bowl." Philadelphia wasn't exactly warm for its game against the Saints in the first round.

In the second round, rain and wind took over.

It was pouring in Seattle for hours leading up to the Seahawks-Saints game. The rain was coming down in sheets and sideways due to the gusting winds a couple hours before kickoff. The Weather Channel warned that strong winds, from 25-30 miles per hour, in Seattle might cause power outages in the city. New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees and his receivers couldn't have been thrilled to wake up to that weather, although it probably wasn't exciting for Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson either.

Thunderstorms and strong winds were expected all the way on the other side of the country for Saturday night's game between the Patriots and Colts. No rain is expected in Denver on Sunday for the Broncos-Chargers game, but winds of 20 miles per hour or more are. It's supposed to be 56 degrees and sunny in Charlotte for the Panthers-49ers game, proving there's an outlier in every crowd.

The way this postseason is going, it might be pretty funny when the Super Bowl in New Jersey is one of the more moderate weather games of the playoffs.

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