The Shutdown Corner Week 1 Preview Podcast: Greg Cosell


We're very proud and pleased to announce that we have a great new addition to our in-season coverage: This is the first podcast in a weekly series in which we will be talking game matchups and strategy with Greg Cosell.

As you may already know, Greg has been with NFL Films since 1979, and he's also been the Executive Producer of ESPN's NFL Matchup since 1984 -- he basically helped invent the show with Steve Sabol way back when. Put simply, there isn't anyone in the business who watches more coach's tape, and talks with more coaches and executives, than Greg.

In the debut of our game matchup podcast, Greg and I spend almost an hour going around all of the Week 1 games. Greg gives the insider's take and strategic intelligence you would find tough to get from anyone else.

We're so happy that Greg is doing this for us, so without further ado, here's the Week 1 preview. From Week 2 on, our previews will be posted on Thursdays, so that Greg will have had the benefit of official tape from all the previous week's games.

To enjoy the podcast, left-click to listen, or right-click to save to your hard drive:

The Shutdown Corner Week 1 Preview Podcast: Greg Cosell

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