Shutdown Corner's 2014 NFL predictions

Once the confetti at MetLife Stadium started coming down after the Seahawks blew out the Broncos in the Super Bowl, thoughts started turning to the 2014 season.

Well, we're here. Finally.

The Packers and Seahawks kick off the season Thursday night, the first step toward Super Bowl XLIX at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Ariz. We at Shutdown Corner tried predicting the 2013 season a year ago (some were right, some were picking the Texans to win their division), so we decided to try it again for 2014.

For some explanations of these crazy picks that follow, we went through most of them in our Shutdown Corner Podcast season preview episode.

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Now, onto the picks ...

(Yahoo Sports/illustration by Amber Matsumoto)
(Yahoo Sports/illustration by Amber Matsumoto)

Before we get to our predictions for division, conference and Super Bowl champions, let's answer some of the burning questions headed into the 2014 season:

Jay: Johnny Football

Eric: Manziel … but he starts a Cavs game

Kevin: Manziel

Ben: Manziel

Frank: Manziel, on Oct. 5

Jay: Screech and Corey Feldman

Eric: Willie Nelson

Kevin: Craig Ehlo

Ben: Nicolas Cage

Frank: Flo from the Progressive commercials

Jay: LeSean McCoy

Eric: McCoy

Kevin: Doug Martin

Ben: Adrian Peterson

Frank: Matt Forte

Jay: Assuming “Redskins” is off the board, Ray Rice’s “punishment”

Eric: Players should be covered in bubble wrap before taking the field

Kevin: Johnny Manziel

Ben: Ray Rice

Frank: Broncos and Buccaneers uniforms should be banned for being too hideous

Jay: Gronk

Eric: Gronk

Kevin: RG3

Ben: RG3

Frank: Tie, each goes 16

Jay: 40

Eric: 38 (one for every birthday candle)

Kevin: 47

Ben: 43

Frank: 39

Jay, Eric, Kevin, Ben and Frank all agree on this one ... 

(USA Today Sports Images)
(USA Today Sports Images)


Jay: Eli, because Geno will be benched

Eric: Geno

Kevin: Eli

Ben: Geno

Frank: Eli

Jay: Packers

Eric: Bears

Kevin: 49ers

Ben: Panthers

Frank: Panthers

Jay: Theodore Bridgewater

Eric: Blake Bortles

Kevin: Bortles

Ben: Johnny Manziel

Frank: Derek Carr

Jay: Cowboys

Eric: Cowboys

Kevin: Broncos

Ben: Broncos

Frank: Broncos, but not my much

Jay: Sammy Watkins

Eric: Aaron Rodgers

Kevin: Justin Hunter

Ben: Aaron Dobson

Frank: Gronk

Jay: Marshawn Lynch

Eric: Nick Foles

Kevin: Eddie Lacy

Ben: Cam Newton

Frank: Zac Stacy

Jay: Star Lotulelei will eat a football whole. Also, Manziel will walk off the field in the middle of a game.

Eric: Brian Hoyer chases Manziel with a frying pan

Kevin: Oh, you'll see when you get to my Super Bowl pick

Ben: Since scandalous Jerry Jones photos are already a thing, a Redskins name change

Frank: Three words: Los Angeles Raiders

And now, the season predictions ...


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