Shutdown Corner previews and predicts Super Bowl XLVI

Chris Chase

Shutdown Corner's panel of bloggers, and one very special guest, looks at five of the biggest Super Bowl questions.

1. Which part of Super Bowl XLVI are you looking forward to most?

MJD: Hour number three of NBC's six-hour pregame show. Nick Cannon is hosting their red-carpet coverage! OMG!

Chris Chase: To see if Bill Belichick's secondary is so depleted that he'll have to bring in said Mr. Cannon.

Maggie Hendricks: Seeing how the Giants defense, and particularly their pass rush, deal with the Patriots' passing attack. Also, seeing if Bill Belichick wears a fancy cut up sweatshirt, or if he'll stick with what got him to the big game.

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Fake Jon Gruden: The big hittin' from that New York Giants defensive front four. I call those guys "NYPD Blue" because they're tough, powerful and sometimes get in trouble for excessive contact.

2. If the Patriots win, what does this do for Tom Brady's legacy?

Maggie Hendricks: Brady's legacy is already cemented as one of the best quarterbacks of his generation. This win would remove "of his generation" from the sentence.

MJD: I'm with Maggie. Handsome Tom is already in the conversation for the G.O.A.T., and if he wins it all again, post-2008 knee catastrophe, with a completely different cast, and a sieve-like defense, it just bolsters his legend.

Chris Chase: Winning four Super Bowls will go down as Brady's second-greatest achievement, right behind locking down Gisele for a long-term contract.

Fake Jon Gruden: Lemme tell ya, Tom Brady is already one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the National Football League. That guy can play.

3. Despite the conversations that will doubtlessly take place if it happens, Eli winning a second Super Bowl won't mean he's better than Peyton. Right? RIGHT?

MJD: Right. I'm really tired of the notion that the measure of a quarterback is the amount of Super Bowl rings he owns. It's simplistic, reductive, unfair and dismissive of about a million other factors that matter.

Chris Chase: Wait, MJD, are you saying that Mark Rypien wasn't a better quarterback than Dan Marino?

Fake Jon Gruden: Boy, you talk about a guy with his head on straight; when we met with Eli before the Giants game earlier this season, Eli Manning was put together. [Speaks for additional 45 seconds without answering question.]

Maggie Hendricks: Outside the Manning compound, does it matter?

4. Which Madonna song do you most want to hear at halftime?

MJD: I want to see Tim Tebow tied to a chair on the stage, while Madonna seductively performs "Like a Virgin" while straddling him. I probably will not see this.

Maggie Hendricks: "Crazy For You," the song she performed in the world's greatest movie, "Visionquest."

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Chris Chase: I celebrate Madonna's entire catalogue. But if you're putting me at whip-point, "Borderline." No, "Like a Prayer." Aargh, this is so hard. That's what Madonna said.

Jon Gruden: Oh, I'm datin' myself here if I said I was around back when Madonna was makin' it big. But I wouldn't mind seein' Jaws' favorite song, "Material Girl." (Insane laughter.)

5. Who ya got?

MJD: Patriots, 28-24. I'm betting on Brady's insane competitiveness and Bill Belichick emptying the bag of tricks to bring this one home.

Maggie Hendricks: Giants, 20-13. The Patriots defense will do what they do, which is not stopping the Giants from scoring.

Chris Chase: Patriots, 36-18. We've been mostly spoiled since the turn of the century with good Super Bowls. I think we're due for a stinker.

Fake Jon Gruden: All I know is that we're in for one heckuva football game.

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