The Shutdown Corner Podcast: Peter King of Sports Illustrated

We were very happy to welcome a special guest to the Shutdown Corner Podcast on Thursday: Peter King, the longtime NFL writer for Sports Illustrated and You can also see Peter on the "NBC SportsTalk" show on the Versus Network, and on NBC's "Football Night in America" telecasts every Sunday evening through the football season.

Peter's obviously one of the more well-connected guys in the business, but before we took a swing around the NFL, we wanted to give him the opportunity to talk about a brilliant piece he wrote about the 1986 Cincinnati Bengals for the most recent Sports Illustrated issue. Peter did a huge and very well-researched journey back in time with a team from 25 years ago to get the players' takes on the risks they took in the game then, and how they're paying for it to different degrees today. It really is a brilliant article, so do check it out.

After that, we turned to current NFL matters, starting with the league's nebulous in-game concussion policy, and what should have happened in the Colt McCoy situation. "I believe strongly that the Colt McCoy story is going to force the league to put an independent neurologist on the sideline for every game," King told us. "I think it probably won't happen until next season, because it's just not something that is so easy to do at every NFL game, but this showed exactly what happens during the mayhem of an NFL game."

We then moved to the NFL's new TV deal, and went into detail about what that could mean for fans — better flex options over multiple networks, more Thursday night contests, and a better viewing experience overall. After that, we discussed which coaches might be on the hot seat, including the oft-rumored Raheem Morris.

"I've been surprised at the decline of support for Raheem Morris in all areas in Tampa," King said. "Something incredible would have to happen — like they'd have to win two of their last three and beat Dallas at home — I just don't see how Raheem can make it. [The franchise] just can't sell him to that fan base any longer."

Finally, we discuss the hottest teams in the league going down the stretch. It's a great half-hour of inside stuff from one of the best in the business, so do check it out!

The Shutdown Corner Podcast: Peter King of Sports Illustrated

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