The Shutdown Corner Podcast: Greg Cosell on the 2012 Quarterback Draft Class

It's time to welcome back an old friend to talk about some new things! Greg Cosell of NFL Films, who also produces ESPN's NFL Matchup show, did a weekly NFL pocast with us all last season. Now, with the NFL Draft just a month away and Greg ensconced in his bunker breaking down the 2012 draft class, we thought it would be good to get his expert take on all the prospects who will be vying for NFL futures very soon.

We start with the quarterbacks, and a piece that Greg wrote on the NFL Films blog recently in which he said that Robert Griffin III's game tape was actually a bit more impressive than Andrew Luck's. As I share that opinion, I thought it would be a good talking to point to get rolling. From there, we discussed most of 2012's draftable signal-callers.

The Shutdown Corner Podcast: Greg Cosell on the 2012 Quarterback Draft Class

A few highlights of Greg's analysis from the podcast:

Robert Griffin III: "You have to start with his ability to throw, and we know there are elements that go into it ... he is a very, very good thrower at all levels, and it's funny you mentioned the 72.4 percent [completion percentage in 2011] -- he throws a really good deep ball, and he completed a lot of them, Granted, some of those receivers were wide open, but when you're throwing the ball 45 or 50 yards in the air, those are not simple throws. For a power thrower -- because he throws with great velocity ... he has a very compact and easy delivery with a lot of natural velocity."

Andrew Luck: "On film, you didn't see the kinds of throws that are arm strength throws. I won't say that he can't make them, but based on the five games I watched, he didn't make them ... it's not a knock on him at all, but I think that his game is the timing and rhythm, short-to-intermediate game, 15 yards and under. I think that's where Andrew Luck is as his absolute best."

Ryan Tannehill: "I like him, but I think there are gray areas. I think he's a very calm and easy player. His delivery is more of a three-quarter than over the top, but it's compact, and he has good arm speed. I think his arm strength is good, but not great ... the one thing that three-quarter delivery does for him is that it allows him to throw very well on the move."

Greg goes on to give his take on several more quarterbacks -- Oklahoma State's Brandon Weeden, Michigan State's Kirk Cousins, Arizona State's Brock Osweiler, Arizona's Nick Foles, Ryan Lindley of San Diego State (Greg's sleeper QB in this class), and Aaron Corp of Richmond (my sleeper pick). We also go into the Tim Tebow scheme fit in New York (hey -- don't blame me -- Greg wrote about it, so I had to ask!)

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The Shutdown Corner Podcast: Greg Cosell on the 2012 Quarterback Draft Class

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