The Shutdown Corner Podcast: Clay Matthews

We've talked with DeMarcus Ware and Wes Welker about their roles in the "Great American Try-On," and now, it's time to talk with Green Bay Packers pass rusher Clay Matthews about his part in this video and campaign.

"The Great American Try-On" raises awareness and offers confidence to the many Americans living with bladder control issues. All three players have tried on a pair of the new Depend Real Fit briefs under their uniforms to show that you can be as active as you want to be while wearing them. Their participation in The Great American Try-On supports The V Foundation for Cancer Research's mission to find a cure for cancers — specifically prostate cancer, a leading cause of bladder control issues in men. They're also encouraging others to participate by visiting, and we would encourage you to do the same.

From there, we went on to discuss Clay's development at USC, his growth as a quarterback terror in the NFL, the Packers' Super Bowl run in 2010 and subsequent playoff disappointment, and much more.

The Shutdown Corner Podcast: Clay Matthews

On the "Great American Try-On": "This is definitely not the norm. I first was approached [to do it], I think, by chance, because the marketing direction in this case was to try something new. It was to go against the grain, but for a good cause. So, my initial reaction was ... what I think everybody else's was, which was, 'Absolutely not -- what are you thinking? This is something that doesn't affect me; I'm part of the younger generation.' Through the years, it's been a subject of sensitivity, so you have that knee-jerk reaction. But the more I looked at that this was about, and the direction they were trying to move as well as the staggering numbers, plus the charitable aspect of this -- we've donated over $150,000 to the Jimmy V Foundation."

On the difference between this spot, and the FatHead commercial where he nearly scared a Chicago Bears fan to death: "Yeah -- I can only bust through so many walls before I have to show a light-hearted side."

The Shutdown Corner Podcast: Clay Matthews

On his development at USC, from undistinguished walk-on to first-round draft pick: "Coming out of high school, I wasn't a highly-recruited athlete -- I didn't play a lot as a junior. got a little bit of playing time as a senior, but I was mainly recruited by smaller schools. I decided to walk on at USC, with all the history my family had with them -- the proximity to where I grew up, and how well they were doing at the time. I wasn't thinking about the long-term goal of making it to the NFL, which was probably a little naive of me. But I continued to develop physically and mentally, and I continued to hone my craft. I got a little bit of playing time on special teams, working my way into the fourth quarter of games. Eventually, they had to give me a starting spot on the team. It took five years to get there, but once I got to that position, I never looked back. And it's driven me to succeed -- kinda being from the bottom, and working my way up to the top."

On the disappointment of losing to the Giants in the divisional round: "Having to wait through the entire offseason with that bitter taste in your mouth -- obviously, it's a little better knowing that we were the only team able to finish the season two years ago with a victory in that last game, But we're ready to get back after it, and  we continue to progress as a team. We came up short last year, but the pieces haven't really changed."

On what makes Aaron Rogers great: "The thing that separates Aaron is his mentality. I believe that he and I are in a very similar situation -- we feel at times that we were slighted. He thought he was going to be drafted a lot higher than he was, and he had to sit behind Brett Favre and go through that fiasco for a few years. Now, it's his time to shine. He's going to prove to all the people who said that he'd never amount to what Brett did, and weren't on his side when the change was made -- he's now trying to prove everyone wrong. He's doing some pretty impressive things in the meantime. He's doing a fantastic job."

Clay also talks a lot about the different defensive coaches he's had, and the schematic responsibilities inherent in his versatile pass-rush positions. Some great stuff here, so check it out.

The Shutdown Corner Podcast: Clay Matthews

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