Shutdown Corner Podcast 51: A Final Four detour

Shutdown Corner Podcast 51: A Final Four detour

Sure, there's no football, but that's never stopped us before. In this case, we take a detour away from football entirely, however, and into that sport with the round ball and the baskets. Fully two-thirds of our podcast team hails from the University of Wisconsin, and so it's no secret which team they're pulling for in this weekend's Final Four. We spend time breaking down not just the Final Four, but the very nature of fandom itself: how far should you support your team if you fear they're going to lose?

Because this is an NFL podcast, we take a brief diversion into DeSean Jackson, the story of the week, and then start a late topic: best sporting event to attend in person. More on that later.

Thanks so much for hanging out with us. Draft coverage coming very soon!

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