Shutdown Corner Podcast 45: Super Bowl Week, Day 4

It's Thursday, and that means the end is in sight! On today's special 20-minute quick-hitter, we have the first of our two matchup podcasts. How will the Seattle offense fare against the Denver defense? Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, and all the rest against Champ Bailey, Pot Roast, and more!

What does Seattle have to do on offense to win this game? (Yes, "score more than Denver," but there's more to it than that.) What does Denver's defense have to do to keep the Broncos and Peyton Manning in the game? ("Hold Seattle to less than 75 points" is not quite a viable strategy, but possibly still a winning one.) Anyway, listen in for some last-minute tips as we offer up this half of our Super Bowl game preview. Enjoy, everybody!

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