Shutdown Corner Podcast 44: Super Bowl Week, Day 3

Almost halfway there! Today on the podcast, we discuss Snowpocalypse, but not in New Jersey; in Atlanta, where Busbee is located and where there may not ever be another Super Bowl as a result. From there, it's more about Media Day, the spectacle of nonsense and bloviation that we all complain about and yet we all watch. Frank weighs in on his experiences at Media Day, what it's like trying to ask Peyton Manning a question, the sight of Marshawn Lynch waiting out the horde, and so much more. Was Lynch right to keep his mouth shut? Is Pete Carroll the coolest coach in the NFL? We discuss that and much more on this, our latest 20-ish-minute podcast.

The Shutdown Corner podcast is the product of Kevin Kaduk, Frank Schwab and Jay Busbee. You can listen to this episode by clicking here or below. If you'd like to subscribe, and we heartily recommend you do, go to the iTunes page right here. (The non-iTunes link to subscribe is here.) It's all free, don't cost nothin'. Give it a listen and let us know what you think. New episodes every day this week!

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