Shutdown Corner Podcast 43: Super Bowl Week, Day 2


We continue our week of Super Bowl podcasts by setting the stage for Tuesday's Media Day. It's absolute anarchy, folks, with media from all over the globe swarming all over your favorite NFL players. For once, the media is the story, and not in a very good way. You'll see people in gorilla suits and saucy outfits asking questions. Our Frank Schwab is there, and if we had the choice, we'd much rather he be in the gorilla suit.

We talk of great Media Day moments of the past, and Frank gives us the rundown on life aboard the S.S. Bronco, or whatever they're calling the cruise ship where Denver is hosting its media availability. (Yes, really.) Throw in some discussion of future Super Bowl sites, and you've got a packed 20-ish minutes. Thanks for hanging!

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