Shutdown Corner Podcast 26: With NFL contracts, every day is Black Friday

Shutdown Corner

Hey there bargain shoppers, thanks for joining us for this very special episode of The Shutdown Podcast. Here, we start with Black Friday talk, and then segue into discussion of whether Tony Romo might actually be a real quarterback after all. In terms of sheer fun, wouldn't a Cowboys Super Bowl be the best? We say yes, unlikely as it may be.

We continue with talk about how few NFL players have actually earned $100 million because of the lack of guaranteed contracts. That leads us into concussion talk; would players feel more comfortable coming forward with concussion symptoms because they would know they're not going to lose their jobs if they're out? It's worth discussing.

From there, we discuss our favorite games among a very stacked Week 13. Saints-Seahawks leads the docket, but you've got a Broncos-Chiefs rematch, Cincinnati-San Diego, Tennessee-Indianapolis, and many more with playoff implications. We break 'em all down so you don't have to.

Finally, as holiday season is upon us, we conclude with Kevin's question for the ages: does Mannheim Steamroller have groupies? We'll leave you with that.

Additional reading/viewing for this episode:

-Turkey Jones' brutal sack of Terry Bradshaw, one of the most vicious in NFL history.

-How many men have earned $100 million in NFL history? Fewer than you'd expect.

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