Shutdown Corner Podcast 22: Santa Dez is comin’ to town

KC-Denver is the big game this week, so we start off by discussing Kansas City barbecue. Roll with us, all right? We get into a little game breakdown, like can the dink-and-dunk Alex Smith ride with the juggernaut of Peyton Manning, and decide that this is the make-or-break game for Kansas City and its fans. From there, it's a bit of chat about Dez Bryant showing up at a Wal-Mart to buy five people some PS4s; nice PR move, huh? It's more of the conflicted story that is Dez.

Frank shares some insights on Terrell Owens (find out how happy he was that TO didn't sign with Denver when Frank was covering them!) and the new Lawrence Taylor documentary (marvel at the fact that LT was lucky enough to play before Twitter was a thing!). We offer up our locks, upsets and would-pay-to-see's of this week, and have a brief (brief! Don't turn away!) turn into NASCAR as Busbee discusses the season finale this weekend, and how NASCAR is/is not like the NFL.

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