Shutdown Corner Podcast 17: Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to play like Cowboys

Not gonna lie, friends, we're all over the map in this one, yelping and snapping at each other Dez Bryant-style. (But we're keeping it positive!) We discuss the Cowboys and their prospects, which are still very good given that they play in the NFC East. In the first round of the playoffs, though, they'd likely draw Seattle or San Francisco, and then things could go rather differently. But we decide that we like Dez, we think Tony's gotten a bit of a raw deal, and we believe every team wishes it could play in the Cowboys' division.

Other than that, we touch on everything from the best trophy in sports to the need for miked-up players and coaches to the commercials we're absolutely sick of seeing (sorry, Ken Jeong). There's also the lightning round, of course, and a final wrapup of Week 8. Enjoy, or we'll come to your place of business and yap at you.

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