The Shutdown Corner Podcast 16: Coaches and the cities who worship them

The relationship between a dominant head coach and his team's city is a strange one. Some men, like Vince Lombardi, Tom Landry, and Joe Gibbs, remain immortals in their cities though they may not have coached for decades. Others, like Mike Shanahan in Denver, don't seem to have crafted much of a lasting connection at all.

On the unheralded occasion of Shanahan's return to Denver, we discuss which coaches have and haven't ascended the mountaintop in their team's towns. We consider which current coaches might win that reputation, and we decide on which man on the sidelines today might have a near-unanimous vote from his city as their best coach ever. Who is he? You'll have to listen. Hint: he didn't coach last year.

We also throw out our locks, upsets, and games we'd pay to see for week 8. And this week's City We Turn Against Us: Charlotte! Enjoy the show and the games, everybody.

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