The Shutdown Corner Mailbag is nearly here, and you’re invited to the party

After all the arrest warrants, all the injury reports, all the fantasy prognostications, all the TebowRG3TebowRG3TEBOWRG3, it's almost here: the NFL season. We couldn't be happier, and we know you're stoked too.

To kick off the season, we're firing up a Shutdown Corner Mailbag column, even though most of you millennial whippersnappers wouldn't know a mailbag from Mike Mamula. That doesn't matter, though. This is your time to get your voice heard on Shutdown Corner ... above the lawless anarchy that is the comment section, that is.

Write us with whatever's on your mind: predictions for the season, rants about your coach's latest idiot move, questions for our award-winning* Shutdown Corner team, recipes for your tailgate party, and so on. You can ask for fantasy football coverage, but this ain't Roto Arcade; we guarantee you a fifth-place finish at best.

Here's the deal: write us at or find us on Twitter at @jaybusbee. Get to it, friends. The season is almost upon us.

*-Participation trophies count as awards. Shut up.

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