Shutdown Corner Mailbag: When will Jerry Jones fire Jerry Jones?

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It's a new week, friends, and that means we’re throwing the doors wide open to you and your questions, comments, complaints, rants and one-liners here in the Shutdown Mailbag. You know the drill here: unburden your football soul via email at or via Twitter at @jaybusbee. Now, gather ‘round. It's tahm t'talk some Jerruh.

At what point does Jerry Jones, an admittedly good businessman, wake up to the fact that instead of protecting, nourishing, and helping his asset to grow both in status and value, he is choking it off, destroying it, and diminishing its value?
–King of Scorpions

At what point? Never. Jerry's got the wheel of the good ship Cowboy, son, and he's gonna pilot that bad boy right up over the rocks, through the dock, and right onto the middle of Main Street USA. Which is really not where you want a ship to end up, but Jerry doesn't follow your rules, fella! Jones is gonna be the general manager of this'ere football club till his dying day, and probably a good long time thereafter, too.

As for loss of value: Forbes pegged the Cowboys as the third-most-valuable sports franchise in the world, tied with the Yankees and behind only Manchester United and Real Madrid. But those are soccer teams, so hell with 'em. That, Cowboys fans, is very bad news: even with an on-field team that is the very soul of mediocrity, Dallas is the most valuable in the NFL. What's the incentive to change?


You know the answer to that: Redskins and Vikings. The Texans and Falcons are awful, but they both have pieces around which to build: the defense and the offense, respectively. But Washington and Minnesota are terrible across the board, with the exception of their running games. But how much longer can Alfred Morris and Adrian Peterson be expected to carry on while they're getting hammered? As for this year's previous "blow 'em up" teams, the Buccaneers and the Jaguars, both got hot enough to fake their fans into thinking that they're on the right track ... and to play themselves out of a decent draft pick in 2014.


Have we forgotten that the teams have to play in whatever conditions through the year and they're where they're at because they're probably the better team. Why does the Super Bowl have to be perfect conditions? It's not during the year.

Agree completely. The only people complaining about the possibility of a snowy Super Bowl are the media, who get paid to go to the game, and ultrarich folks who use this for client development and hope the Yankees make it this year. Heck with both of 'em. I want snowdrifts deep enough to hide Wes Welker.


Commercial break! Hey, kids! Do you want to feel like a real NFL star? No you don't, because that would involve getting your skull cracked. Instead, join John Elway and Eric Dickerson in the NFL SuperPro club!

That little kid's name? Brett Favre.* Oh, and speaking of the Ol' Gunslinger ...

*-May not be true. Or it may.


I just miss the days of players like Brett Favre where you never had to worry about injuries like Aaron Rodgers. No matter if you liked him or hated him, you knew he would be out there, no matter what, and I know for a fact if this was Brett we would not even know till the end of the year. In 18 years he did not miss one game. When players were not protected, he played. When they got killed [there were] no flags like today's game.

I thought Ben had to be goofing here, but no, this appears legit. Just like Brett Favre, back when he used to ride to Lambeau Field on a wildcat flyin' through a tornado. Why, ol' Brett had his hands bitten off five different times! He'd spit on 'em, stick 'em back on, and throw a touchdown against the Bears neat as you please! Also, if you think even the mighty Favre could've played through a broken collarbone, you're insane. Rodgers is as tough as they come himself; he was ready to duct-tape that bone back together and play in that same game. If he does come back in time to vault the Packers into the playoffs ... wow. All bets are off.


Is Eli ever going to stop letting his daddy do the talking for him?

Archie Manning wants you to shut up and stop bothering his boy, James. Eli is doing the best he can, dadgummit, and if you don't get that, you don't get football. And as soon as Eli's done mowing the lawn and walking the dog, he'll come in here and show you what a real NFL quarterback looks like. Or at least how a real NFL quarterback puts away the dishes.


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Enjoy football, everybody!

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