Shutdown Corner’s live draft coverage begins!

The waiting is over, folks — the 2011 NFL draft is upon us, and Shutdown Corner will take you through the entire three-day momentous event. We'll be flash-blogging scouting reports and team fits for the first ten picks as they happen, and we'll have a full wrap-up of the first round tonight. In addition, SC's Doug Farrar is at Seattle Seahawks HQ, ready to see if the pride of the Pacific Northwest trades out of the first round altogether!

Tomorrow morning, we'll have a mock draft for the second and third rounds, as well as more coverage — and then, we'll have some interesting stuff about late-round picks and prospects from smaller schools in preparation for the Saturday end of the draft, where things get more rapid-fire, and the names you may not know as well start lining up on NFL boards.

And don't forget that you can watch the draft live, right here on Shutdown Corner, all the way through!