Shirtless Seahawks GM picture taken down after brief post from Earl Thomas

John Schneider — the regular-Joe, backpack-toting bro — has been hailed as the secret genius behind the architecture of the Super Bowl-champion Seattle Seahawks.

He also now has been seen shirtless by a good chunk of America wearing a WWE belt after Sunday night's title.

Seahawks safety Earl Thomas, one of Schneider's terrific draft choices, posted that picture of Schneider on Twitter. Even though it has since been taken down, this isn't Snapchat, folks.

Free advice for Thomas, who will want to renegotiate his contract this offseason and could command a salary in the $10 million-per-year range: You should have dropped the photo on the bargaining table, not spilled it all over the internet. Leverage, man!

Either way, we the rest of us get a good laugh and another snapshot of the unique personality of this freewheeling bunch of players, coaches and even front-office folks.

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